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What to do if you have a Complaint

We are dedicated to providing a high quality service and We want to ensure that We maintain this at all times.

If You have any questions or concerns about the policy or the handling of a claim please contact Carriagehouse Insurance.

If You wish to make a complaint You can do so at any time by referring the matter to:

For policies that expire up to and including 28th February 2021

Complaints Manager
Catlin Insurance Company (UK) Ltd.
20 Gracechurch Street
Telephone Number: 020 7743 8487
E-mail: [email protected]


For policies starting after 1/3/20:

Contact the Chief Compliance Officer, Lorraine Mullins:

[email protected]

Tel: +44 (0)7919 603210

Convex Insurance UK Limited
52-54 Lime Street

London EC3M 7AG

United Kingdom


If You remain dissatisfied after the Complaints Manager has considered Your complaint, or You have not received a final decision within eight (8) weeks, You can refer Your complaint to the Financial Ombudsman Service at:

Exchange Tower
E14 9SR
From within the United Kingdom
Telephone Number: 0800 0234 567 (free for people phoning from a “fixed line”, for example, a landline at home)
Telephone Number: 0300 1239 123 (free for mobile-phone users who pay a monthly charge for calls to numbers starting 01 or 02)
From outside the United Kingdom
Telephone Number: +44(0)20 7964 1000
Fax Number: +44(0)20 7964 1001

The Financial Ombudsman Service can look into most complaints from consumers and small businesses. For more information contact them on the above number or address, or view their website:


Catlin Insurance Company (UK) Ltd. is covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme. You may be entitled to compensation from the Scheme if the Insurer is unable to meet its obligations to you under this Policy. If you were entitled to compensation under the Scheme, the level and extent of the compensation would depend on the nature of this Policy. Further Information about the Scheme is available from the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (10th floor, Beaufort House, 15 St. Botolph Street, London EC3A 7QU) and on their website:



Carriagehouse (UK) Limited trading as Carriagehouse Insurance (Registration Number 592646) is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

Catlin Insurance Company (UK) Ltd. (Registered Number 423308) is authorised by the Prudential Regulation Authority and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and the Prudential Regulation Authority. The registered office of Catlin Insurance Company (UK) Ltd is 20 Gracechurch Street, London, EC3V 0BG (Company Number 5328622).

Further details can be found on the Financial Services Register at

For policies purchase online, you can also use the European Online Dispute Resolution Platform which is an online interactive portal linking EU customers with national ADR providers (for the UK this is the Financial Ombudsman Service).

You can access this portal at:


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