Rider and Driver Personal Accident Insurance

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Personal Accident Insurance for Horse Riders & Carriage Drivers

Your own horses:

The policy is limited to personal accident and dental fee coverage only but will then apply when riding and driving your own horses as well.  However, please note that this policy doesn’t cover Legal Liability for your own horses or those on loan to you. Liability cover must be purchased separately on a ‘per horse basis’ via the Horse & Carriage or Horse & Pony Policies.

Other people’s horses:

This policy is designed to cover you if you have an accident whilst riding, driving or competing with other people’s horses i.e. those that don’t belong to you. The cover includes personal accidents for injuries that result in a permanent total disability and also total temporary disabilities which prevent you from going to work for a limited time. It also includes dental cover and legal (third party) liability. The policy can also cover young riders/drivers from ages 5-17 years old.

Carriage Grooms/Backsteppers:

The Horse Rider and Driver Policy will also cover you if you regularly act as a backstepper/groom on a carriage or if you wish to insure a backstepper/groom accompanying you when carriage driving.  

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Rider and Driver Personal Accident Insurance for horse riders and carriage drivers

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Frequently asked questions

What insurance do I need for horse riding?

If you don’t own a horse, you need to consider Personal Accident cover if you fall off and injure yourself. You also need to consider if the is third-party liability insurance in place in case you and the horse cause injury or damage to another person or their property.

How much is horse rider insurance?

The Rider & Driver Personal Accident policy starts from £56.00 per annum for accidents that occur whilst riding or driving other people’s horses.

Does insurance cover horse riding?

There are specific policies that will cover horse riding in the UK. The cost depends on the cover and what type of riding you are doing.

Do you need insurance to ride a horse?

There is no legal requirement in the UK to have insurance when riding a horse. However, that doesn’t mean you aren’t liable for any damage you and the horse might cause, so our recommendation is that you ensure that you have a minimum of third-party cover.

Do I need insurance to ride a friend’s horse?

If your friend’s policy included third-party cover for anyone riding their horse then you will be considered the insured person when you are riding. It wont however cover you if you are injured. There are policies available for this such as our Rider and Driver Personal Accident policy.

What does rider insurance cover?

As a rider, you are likely to suffer personal injuries if you fall off or cause damage to someone else’s property. Therefore, the cover you have should be for Personal Accident and third-party liability. You can also look at loss of earnings policies.