Loss of your horse or donkey

How to make a claim

For all claims you must advise Carriagehouse Insurance as soon as possible either by phone or email and we will send you a claim form.

Alternatively complete and submit the claim form below the following notes:

You must also take all reasonable care to limit any further loss, damage or injury.

Submitting your claim – you will need:

Forms to be completed: You must complete the claim form and return it to us. Your vets must complete the veterinary surgeons report form and additional vet report form.

Clinical history: you must submit your horse’s clinical veterinary history from all vets that have seen your horse during your ownership, including those who may only vaccinate your horse.

Important notes:

Euthanasia – Non-emergency: Please contact us with veterinary information prior to euthanasia so that we can confirm if this will be covered.

Euthanasia – Emergency: In the best interests of your horse’s welfare, please follow veterinary advice and contact us in due course.

The British Equine Veterinary Association and Insurance Companies have written a guide for when euthanasia complies with mortality insurance cover.

Exclusions: Your schedule will list any specific exclusions that apply to your horse which mean that any diagnostics, as well as treatment for the excluded condition, won’t be covered. In addition, the policy wording (and key facts statement) detail what is not covered by this insurance. 

Sudden Death: Should your horse/donkey die unexpectedly, you must arrange at your own expense, for a vet to certify the cause of death by post-mortem examination.

Additional information:

If your horse/donkey is ill, lame or has an accident, it is your duty to immediately seek the advice of your veterinary surgeon. You must then follow the recommendations made by the attending Veterinary Surgeon or any second opinion or referral practice as to treatment, rest and rehabilitation.

If you, or anyone acting on your behalf, make a claim knowing it to be false or fraudulent in amount or in any other respect, this insurance shall be invalid and all claims shall be forfeited.