Personal Accident

How to make a claim

For all claims you must advise Carriagehouse Insurance as soon as practicable either by phone or email and we will forward the claim forms to you. Alternatively complete and submit the claim form below the following notes:

Additional information

You must also take all reasonable care to limit any further loss or injury.

For injury claims, place yourself under medical care and provide medical reports to confirm the extent of your injury(ies) and/or disablement.

If required, we reserve the right to appoint a medical advisor and you must permit them to examine you if required to assist us with your claim.

For dental claims, please provide a dental surgeons report and intially, an estimate for the work required. Itemised invoices will be required before any settlement is agreed.

The issue of this form is not an admission of a claim and further information may be requested upon receipt of all the facts relating to this treatment/incident.

Please complete the following and submit it to us as soon as possible.