Vet Fees & Permanent Incapacity claims

How to make a claim:

For all claims you must advise Carriagehouse Insurance as soon as possible either by phone or email and we will send you a claim form.

Alternatively scroll through the notes below to find an online claim form that you can complete and submit.

Submitting your claim – you will need:

  • Forms to be completed: You must complete a claim form (either the form below or a paper copy) and return it to us. Your vets must complete the veterinary surgeons report form and if appropriate, the additional report form. If your horse is referred to a hospital, the referral vets must write a report on their examinations.
  • Clinical history: you must submit your horse’s clinical veterinary history from all vets that have seen your horse during your ownership, including those who may only vaccinate your horse.
  • Invoices: You must submit copies of the itemised invoices.
  • Estimates: For all Veterinary Fee claims except emergency admissions, prior to your horse being admitted please obtain an estimate from your vet for the expected cost of their initial investigations and for the expected cost of treatment. If your horse is referred on to an Equine Hospital, please also obtain estimates from them.

Important notes:

You must take all reasonable care to limit any further loss, damage or injury.

If your horse/donkey is ill, lame or has an accident, it is your duty to immediately seek the advice of your veterinary surgeon. You must then follow the recommendations made by the attending veterinary surgeon or any second opinion or referral practice as to treatment, rest and rehabilitation.

  • Euthanasia – Non-emergency: Please contact us with veterinary information prior to euthanasia so that we can confirm if this will be covered.
  • Euthanasia – Emergency: In the best interests of your horse’s welfare, please follow veterinary advice and contact us in due course.
  • Excess: Once we agree and settle your claim, We will pay the agreed amount less your policy excess and any amounts not covered by this Policy.
  • Exclusions: Your schedule will list any specific exclusions that apply to your horse which mean that any diagnostics, as well as treatment for the excluded condition, won’t be covered. In addition, the policy wording (and key facts statement) detail what is not covered by this insurance. 
  • MRI, CT or Bone Scans: You must obtain prior authorisation for certain diagnostic work including CT, MRI and Bone Scintigraphy scans. Please contact us and we will confirm the information required in order to process this for you. Following these scans, additional reports will be requested.
  • MRI, CT or Bone Scans Co-insurance: the amount that you pay towards the cost of these scans is 25%.
  • Sudden Death: Should your horse/donkey die unexpectedly, you must arrange at your own expense, for a vet to certify the cause of death by post-mortem examination.
  • Operation – Non-Emergency:  If your horse is to have a non-emergency operation, you must contact us prior to this taking place so that we can review the claim and confirm in writing to you that this operation will be covered.
  • Operation – Emergency: If you horse is referred to hospital as an emergency, please follow veterinary advice and contact us once your horse is under veterinary care
  • Alternative treatment and remedial farriery: These are limited to £500 within the overall monetary limit of veterinary fee cover
  • Equine Gastric Ulcers: following diagnosis by gastroscope, we will initially pay for the first 28 days at a full dose and then a further 28 days at a withdrawal dose. Further medication if required, will be covered up to a further 60 days subject to a repeat gastroscope confirming the continuing presence of gastric ulcers.

Additional information

We reserve the right to appoint a loss assessor or to take a second veterinary opinion.

The issue of this form is not an admission of a claim and further information may be requested upon receipt of all the facts relating to this treatment/incident.

NB: If you, or anyone acting on your behalf, make a claim knowing it to be false or fraudulent in amount or any other respect, this insurance shall be invalidated and all claims shall be forfeited.

Please complete the following and submit it to us as soon as possible. We will forward you a report form that your vet will have to complete and return, together with your horse/donkey’s clinical history and the itemised invoices.