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About Us

Since 1992, Carriagehouse Insurance has been successfully arranging Horse and related Equestrian Insurances.

  • Passionate and enthusiastic
  • Experienced horse owners & competitors
  • Knowledgable & professional
  • Caring & concerned for your horse's wellbeing
  • Prompt & efficient claims service
  • Excellent cover at a great price

We are horse people

By specialising in this area, we can offer the best advice about horse insurance policies and claims handling.

We pride ourselves in being horse people first and foremost. All our staff have their own horses, and most compete regularly at Riding Club and BHS level.

All this equine knowledge and history means that we can talk in depth about the insurances that you require and the types of things that are covered, i.e. veteri- nary and related treatment.


Providing great customer service

Because all claims, (excepting third party liability claims) are handled by this office, we are in a position to deal with your claim quickly and efficiently, usually within 7 working days once all the required paperwork has been received.

We are also able to discuss options with you and, if your horse needs to be referred to a hospital, we can give you instant authorisation over the phone.

driving and all the extra equipment that is required. This is why we offer individual quotes for driving enthusiasts and have specialist rates depending on the use to which your carriages and harness are put.


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