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Carriage Commercial Liability Insurance

If you would like a quote for liability cover for commercial carriage driving activities, please complete the form, detailing all the activities you will be performing commercially and submit it to us.

Please detail all your horse handling or riding and carriage driving experience, including any qualifications you have or details of any previous commercial carriage driving work you have undertaken. Please provide details of anyone who will be a driver under this policy including their driving CV as well.

We are able to offer quotes up to a limit of £5,000,000 per claim.

We are delighted to offer UK CC level 2-4 Carriage Driving Coaches a discount of their annual premiums.

Please note this policy will not include any private driving or pleasure activities and your liability for this should be insured separately.

Ensure you submit all the relevant information about driving experience nd the activities you will be undertaking, since this will effect the premium quoted.

This policy is only available within the UK.

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