Types Of Insurance Available For The Equine Industry

Equine Insurance FAQs

It is so important to make sure that you are financially covered by comprehensive equine insurance in the event of accidents, injuries, theft or the loss of your horse or donkey. Likewise, having cover on material items such as carriages, harnesses, horseboxes and trailers gives peace of mind should they be damaged or stolen. Here, we break down a few commonly asked questions about equine insurance. if your questions aren’t answered please contact us for more information.

Horse & Carriage Insurance

Do you need insurance for a horse and carriage?

In the UK, you don’t legally need insurance to drive a horse & carriage on the road.

Does a horse and carriage need road tax?

No, in the UK this is only required for a motor vehicle.

Horse & Pony Insurance

What does horse insurance cover?

Horse Insurance gives you protection if your horse or pony requires unforeseen vet treatment or if your horse passes away.

What horse insurance do I need?

To cover veterinary treatment or the loss of your horse or pony, our horse & pony insurance will be sufficient. You can also insure other things such as trailers, carriages, harnesses and equipment as add-ons.

Does horse insurance cover dental work?

The veterinary treatment contains accidental injuries, such as fractures, or root abscesses are covered. Routine dental care isn’t covered by insurance.

Can I get horse insurance without vetting?

This depends on the value, the use, and how long you have owned the horse and if you have current insurance for the horse. Sometimes the full clinical veterinary history will be requested instead of a new vetting. Contact us to discuss.

Do I need a 5-stage vetting to insure my horse?

This depends on the value and whether or not this is a new purchase or if the horse has been owned by you but not previously insured. Contact us to discuss.

Can you insure older horses?

Yes, horses over 16 years of age can still be insured. Simply submit a quote form and we will email you a personalised quotation. Please call for any further information.

Donkey Insurance

Can I get donkey insurance without vetting?

This depends on the value of your donkey, how long you have owned it and whether you have had health coverage before. Please call to discuss.

Horsebox Insurance

Do I need to insure my horsebox?

Yes. Horseboxes are motorised vehicles and are a legal requirement to be insured on UK roads.

Can I drive a horsebox on my car insurance?

It is unlikely, but you will need to check your car policy in case it extends to provide Third Party Liability cover for any vehicle

Does a horsebox need an MOT?

Yes, Horseboxes will require an annual MOT inspection to ensure it is legally safe to drive.

My horsebox is worth more than I purchased it for. Can I insure for the higher amount?

From an insurance point of view, you can only insure the horsebox for what you paid or its current market value unless you have had the vehicle converted into a horsebox or fully restored. In which case you would have to submit details of the work and proof of cost so that the Insurers can consider the valuation.

Horse Trailer Insurance

Do I need to insure my horse trailer?

Horse trailer insurance isn’t legally required, however, we advise having cover on your trailer in case of an accident, damage or theft.

Do I need extra insurance to tow a horse trailer?

This will need to be checked with your motor policy provider to see if they cover towing risks.

What security do I need for my Horse Trailer?

You will need either a ball hitch lock or wheel clamp(s) as a minimum. Any other security arrangements you can make are beneficial as these will help prevent thefts.

My horse trailer is worth more than I purchased it for. Can I insure for the higher amount?

From an insurance point of view, if this is a new purchase, you can only insure the horse trailer for what you paid at this stage. We work on current market values so the figure you paid for the trailer represents its current market value. This value depreciates over time, so it is worth reviewing the value of your trailer each year.

Horse Rider & Carriage Driver Insurance

Do you need insurance to ride a horse?

Whilst having insurance to ride a horse isn’t required, having personal accident insurance will help if you get an injury that stops you from working after an accident on a horse. In addition, it is worth considering Third Party Liability as a minimum in case the horse you are riding causes damage or injury to another.

What insurance do I need for someone else to ride my horse?

When someone else is riding your horse, they are regarded as if they were you i.e. not a third party, and therefore they need Personal Accident insurance to cover them if they have an accident in which they are injured. Our Liability policies will extend to cover any third-party injuries or damage that arise when they are riding your horse.