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Here are some testimonials from Carriagehouse clients:

I recommend Carriage House Insurance Services to every horse owner I know. Having had policies with a number of companies over the years, Carriage House is the only one in my experience that truly cares about the welfare of my horses. As horse owners themselves, the staff are able to provide expert advice, empathy and support to find the best outcome for each situation. Rather than trying to avoid a claim at all costs they are quick to explain the cover available in the event of a claim and reassurance that the horse can receive the treatment required. Sometimes that’s all you need to know. They have a wealth of experience in dealing with vets and equine hospitals and their help and guidance has been so important to me during the last year. I also love the fact that they don’t have a “Computer says no” approach to insuring horses – each of mine has been insured as an individual case with specifically tailored insurance to their needs, again not a service always provided by the bigger companies. My husband loves Carriage House for a completely different reason – we halved our premium from our previous insurer !!

Rachel Maddocks

Maurice & Steve 2004 winter champs

I purchased a 4 year old Hanovarian from the Verden sales in Germany and started to compete him the same year and qualified for the Regionals. 1 week before the competition he managed to impale his near foreleg on our post and rail fencing. He was rushed to Potter Bar Veterinary hospital where they removed a 2” piece of wood from inside the leg. They confirmed that the piece of wood had missed all of the vital parts, e.g. tendon, ligaments and arteries. However the recovery took several months as the wound had to be kept open to avoid infection setting in.

He made a full recovery and was able to compete at dressage again. However, when his insurance was up for renewal they put an exclusion on both front legs. My wife had already dealt with Carriagehouse regarding a problem with her own horse and had moved her insurance over to them, so I phoned to discuss my horse.

They asked for the full report from Potter Bar veterinary hospital, and after review agreed to insure my horse without exclusion. We have had many years without claiming. Unfortunately last year he developed cushings. Carriagehouse have been fantastic. They settle the invoices promptly. They are always ready to give advice over the telephone and I would certainly recommend them to a friend.

Steve Plumb

I purchased a black trakehner foal in 1996. He was my dream horse. He was sent away for breaking and was going beautifully. Unfortunately when I got him home he started to show signs of unlevelness. My vet was at a loss and referred him to the Animal Health Trust. They agreed there appeared to be a clinical lameness and admitted him for tests. After extensive tests and work they finally confirmed there was nothing wrong at all and it was a bridle lameness. I then sent him to Tina Atkins; a professional dressage rider to try to resolve this issue. She discovered that he was very sensitive to the riders balance. My riding was not good enough and therefore he stayed with Tina. Unfortunately when my insurance came up for renewal, they put an exclusion for arthritis on every limb, even though the AHT had confirmed there was nothing wrong.

I was then advised by a friend to speak to Carriagehouse Insurance. They were wonderful. They asked for a copy of the report from the AHT and after review agreed to insure him without any exclusion. They have a brilliant team answering the phone. You can always speak to someone for advice and it’s usually the same person as their staff never seem to change.

My horse has gone on to compete at Grand Prix level with Tina which just goes to prove that there was nothing wrong.

I would always recommend Carriagehouse when insuring a horse.

Ann Plumb


I have insured my dressage horses with Carriagehouse for many years and have been completely happy with the treatment I have received. I have found them approachable to talk to and very fair and efficient when a problem arises.

Julie Hugo - Dressage Rider and Trainer

I would just like to say thank you to the lady I spoke to on the phone this afternoon. It is a small comfort to hear of someone else, who has been in a similar situation to me. I chose your company to insure my horse with because you are horsey people yourselves so know what we horse owners go through. If I ever have an opportunity to own another horse again, I will becoming back to your company.


Thank you for your cheque in settlement of my claim. Can I also thank you for your efficient and sympathetic handling of my claim. As you imagine I was devastated to loose my horse especially so suddenly.

Jules T

I just wanted to thank you for your very prompt attention to my recent claim,. I sent my claim form off and was delighted to receive a cheque by return of post. Many thanks.

Sandra B

Wow that was super quick (following claim settlement). Thanks Carriagehouse that’s great!

Mrs N P

Many thanks for your support throughout this claim. It’s what sets Carriagehouse apart from the rest.


I would like to thank you for all the help and care I have received. It was very much appreciated throughout this difficult time. I came to Carriagehouse as a result of a recommendation from a friend and I am so glad as from start to finish I have received prompt, efficient and sympathetic service.

Mrs F M

Brilliant than you. You might be please to know that my friend was very impressed with your customer service , which I was very pleased about as I had recommended you!

Mrs T

I look forward to continuing my insurance with Carriagehouse, whom in the past I have always found to be very efficient and competitive in their quotes.

Mrs L C

Sadly we have decided to retire and no longer need our policies but thank you for your assistance during the last 10 years and we will have no difficulty in recommending you to anyone.

Bill H

I am happy for Mrs X to take over Ella’s policy. I am glad that she is coming to you for insurance, I did recommend your services as you have been outstanding. I will certainly be coming back to you when Ella returns from loan.


Many thanks for your email (confirming settlement). May I just say that I found your claim process very efficient.

Emma J

I am sorry I was so upset on the phone but you were very understanding and professional on the phone, which I very much appreciate right now. Thank you for your prompt assistance.

Sue A

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